Facial Hair Threading

Facial hair has been an arch rival of beauty for centuries, may it be hormones, hereditary, menopause or any other reason, the horrors of the facial hair has terrified most of us. This global problem drove the researchers from around the world to create more and more innovative methods to combat demons of facial hair. The hair removal techniques from the most basic to the most complex, leaving most of us confused.

Facial hair threading

At Miracle Browz, after years of research and practice we agree with millions across the globe, in saying we strongly believe that wax is too harsh to be used for facial hair. Waxing when used on facial skin can do some serious irreversible long term damages. As experienced by majority of us waxing an eyebrow can leave you with burnt skin and unbalanced eyebrows.

Threading is the safest and the best hair removal option for facial simply because it’s natural, painless, very gentle, suitable for any skin and hair types, does not cause any skin damage, lasts longer and the most accurate hair removal technique for perfect eyebrow shaping.

Facial Hair and Most Common affected areas


Eyebrows are one of the most prestigious beauty assets and can make or break one’s appearance. Majority of us need a regular eyebrow grooming to present them at their best.

Chin, upper lip

Generally, chin and upper lip are the facial areas which are generally first to show signs of hormonal change/menopause. Symptoms include increase in the quality and quantity of hair growth.

Sideburns and neck

Also being triggered majority of times by hormonal change/menopause, the sideburns and the neck areas can develop lots of fine long hair. Generally this hair is thin, long and not very visible, hence most often neglected. However cleaning this area of hair can make a huge impact to one’s appearance. With a hair free skin, moisture creams and foundations can penetrate directly to the skin, rather than staying on the surface of the hair.