Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrows are one of the most prestigious beauty assets and can make or break one’s appearance. Majority of us need a regular eyebrow grooming to present them at their best. Symmetry is beauty, which is always a great challenge to achieve considering no two eyebrows are ever same.

Eyebrow Threading

A perfect eyebrow always begins with a detailed understanding of eyebrows and its interdependent features. To mention few eyebrow shaping should take into account- natural shape, direction of hair growth, variation in hair density, length of hair, variation in eyebrow widths, various facial details etc.

Considering the fact that there is so much to lose and there is also so much that can go wrong, choosing the best hair removal technique is extremely important.

Threading is the best known hair removal solution particularly for facial hair and use of threading for eyebrow shaping is the ultimate use of threading which always gives the best results one can have; this is the reason why threading is more often referred to as eyebrow threading than threading itself.

At Miracle Browz after years of research and practice we agree with millions across the globe, in saying we strongly believe that wax is too harsh to be used for facial hair. Waxing when used on facial skin can do some serious irreversible long term damages. As experienced by majority of us waxing an eyebrow can leave you with burnt skin and unbalanced eyebrows.

Threading is the safest and the best hair removal option for facial simply because it’s natural, painless, very gentle, suitable for any skin and hair types, does not cause any skin damage, lasts longer and the most accurate hair removal technique for perfect eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow threading is the core service of Miracle Browz and is what makes us different to everyone else. At Miracle Browz, our experienced team will advise you what brow shape is appropriate for your face, looking at your morphology and carefully shape your eyebrows in symmetry to enhance your look.

Miracle Browz takes pride in putting smile on your face and we believe eyebrow threading has certainly made us real proud.